The overall vision of Ashavani is to be an e-platform for the voices of women health workers in India and a base for a campaign for the professional growth of Asha workers and all community health workers across the globe.

The objectives
of the Ashavani campaign are:

To strengthen a gender-rights-empowerment perspective of women community health workers by the use of multiple interventions.

To amplify the voices of Ashas and all women community health workers within the existing policy, academic and civil spaces.

To demonstrate the use of digital technology and create the least carbon footprints in a low maintenance intervention model for rights-based interventions. This is particularly significant for community health workers who live and work, each in her own village.

We welcome volunteers!!
Help in research, advocacy and managing digital media!!

All the content is free to view and use.
Participate in building this website!! Send in open access articles, photographs and narratives on women community health workers!!

Ashavani is a virtual platform and not an organisation.
We are not associated with any political, commercial or non-commercial organisation.
We do not solicit any funding.

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