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In Conclusion


In Conclusion

The continual non- regularisation of health services like India’s NHM has several fallouts:

    1. This is a mass infringement of workers’ rights, as pointed out by the strikers. There are other fallouts too.

    2. We must not overlook also that it is an institutionalised exploitation of lakhs of village women as most of the scheme workers are women. Demoralisation is setting into these first generation women participants in the workforce.

    3. The informalisation of public health care work force ensures that the state abdicates its responsibility towards health and health workers, while it does not stint to take credit for achievements like improved immunisation coverage and child survival.

    4. If we do not regularise health services, we run the risk of steadily moving towards privatisation and thus squeezing out the poorest from free coverage of health care. These are likely to largely be women, elderly and challenged persons.

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